Marine + Industrial Technical Solutions, Inc. (MITSI)

Marine + Industrial Technical Solutions, Inc. (MITSI) A Company founded by Mechanical, Marine and Environmental Compliance Engineers with years of extensive and hands-on experience in Marine, Power Plant & Industrial Engineering. MITSI is committed in providing service excellence and high quality spare parts in response to the growing demands of the local and foreign market for products and services relevant to Marine, Power Plant and Industrial Diesel Engine and its Auxiliaries.

More importantly, it is likewise engaged in “Renewable Energy and Green Facility” in response to the President’s and global clarion call for a sound waste management and the development of sustainable energy sources.


MITSI envisions itself as:

  “A Company that is at par with the leading competitors in the fields of automotive and marine/industrial engineering, in terms of excellence, integrity, financial viability, customer satisfaction, humane working conditions, corporate social responsibility & responsiveness to market demands.”

Its mission and bounden duty is:

  “To provide local and foreign clients with a “one-stop shop” for marine/industrial diesel engine, turbocharger and automotive solutions by offering its professionalism, high-quality products & services, state-of-the-art technology, competent & dedicated specialists & technicians, and efficient & honest staff.”

MITS Inc. 2011